Seeing Sounds

by Sleep Sick

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released August 2, 2014

Vocals/Drums- Christopher Rossi
Guitar- Sam Rivas
Bass- David Alexander

All songs written by Sleep Sick
All lyrics by Christopher Rossi & Samuel Rivas
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Joe Small at Clubhouse Studio

Album Art: Gabriel Graves & Christopher Rossi
Guest vocals on "Count On It" courtesy of Kenny Vasquez of Half/Measure.
Additional gang vocals on "The Summer" courtesy of Joe and JP of Iroh.
Sample on "The Summer" courtesy of Mean Girls.



all rights reserved


Sleep Sick

Pop-Punk band from Palmdale, CA

Sleep Sick is:
Christopher Rossi
David Alexander
Jonathan Martinez
Christian Duran

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Track Name: Pensive
The hole your digging is getting deeper by the day, where home starts feeling less and less like its safe, wishing you were still 16, friends leaving you thinking "I hope they'll miss me." But I'll still say Fuck the past and the ghosts that haunt your way. You lie who you are to me, I could never be the boy you want me to be (Life does go on.)
Lie to me
The life you'll live and the paths you choose to take, will be based off the earnings that you make, this is your chance so step up kid, take the world by its horns this is a takeover.
Track Name: Flyswatter
Lately what did you expect when I came stumbling through your door at 4am, a little messed up. A little thrilled to find you messed bed with him, I could never trust "I love you" again. I can hear the apparitions of your former lovers calling through the walls, I just came up to pick up my stuff and going off to live in my car, I cant pitch a tent as if I was a child with the sheets you've slept in anymore. What I can't see is what you couldn't see in me, but now you messed up and I'm the blame for it all.
your a stupid little slut not the makeup artist everyone thinks you are, just the devil with a cakeface. (Stupid bitch)
Track Name: Count On It
Down and out at 19 with my tail between my legs, I'm washed up my back broken in with the fear of debt, I can't even afford the head space to believe the dreams I once had when I had ambition to follow something I thought was real. I know that times are hard, I know that cash is tight, I'll make things better for us god knows I'm trying, you can count on it.
Headshot kid disaster I've never looked back, I'm more focused on the pressure that's given way to my knees. My own father always struggled supporting a family of six, where ends meet and new starts begin.
Kenny: Count on me you know we'll make it through, and I will see you're getting everything you want.
You can trust me.
Track Name: The Summer
Some days I can't even see the light of the sun again, I can't bury my head in my arms today, but I will keep on drinking, here's to the life of the party. Everyday I wake up and wait for the school bus, hoping things will go my way, no one to blame but myself hoping to have my head on straight after a weekend of good times. 5 days 8 hours to me, that's not what matters anymore ill just ditch school, sleep in, and hang with my friends. Bell rings loud I'm out my chair out the door to the nearest functions, get high go roaming with the crew and regret it tomorrow morning, ill never see your face again so why even bother calling you up after a night of regrets.
I'll never see your face again.
Track Name: 80HD
Seeing pictures, Seeing sounds, moving around lashing out, running your mouth like nobodies around, killing time before your down and out. The bigger picture never seemed so clear, view from your eyes never had so much fear. Live fast die young, the only way to have some fun, life's too fast when your underneath the gun.
Never stop never quit never rest never give in, always loud head in the clouds come around getting down always thinkin its your town get beat the fuck down.
Track Name: Statelines
What you don't see are the state lines at my feet while I try to find reception and call back home, to see if your there in time for the Fall, to see if going back maybe isn't a bad idea. My parents always said to watch where I stepped before I was unfamiliar with where I was, I feel more like a ghost than ever. I see the truth in the headlights, the fear locked inside your trunk when your stateside.
I'll anchor your heart to your home before you decide to walk five miles in my shoes, I hate being away from everything I knew and loved.
I can't be stuck in this place anymore.